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New Pest Season 2012/13

House infesting ants

There are a few species of small brown ants that commonly invade
homes. These house-infesting ants include odorous house ant
Argentine ant and pharaoh ant and a few others. These small
ants are difficult for homeowners to tell apart but fortunately exact identification is not necessary for
effective control. The good news is household nuisance ants generally do not
cause damage and pose no particular health risk.

All ants live in colonies dominated by an egg-laying queen and
worker ants (females) forage outside the colony for food. Typically, ants are
attracted to a variety of food types including carbohydrates (sugars), proteins
(meats), fats and oils. Colonies, or “nests”, are located in protected places in
walls, under floors, under cabinets, and such and individual colonies can be
quite large with thousands of ants.

Australian Sugar Ant

Elimination of ants is never an easy proposition, despite their simple nature. Sugar ants are a little easier to manage and they are probably the most simple-minded ant species. What do they eat? They eat sugar, sweets, and other scraps of food. This is why we call them sugar ants. Of course, the term sugar ant is actually a misnomer. The real Sugar Ant is a native of the Australian continent, and exclusive to this part of the world. So, are you ready to get rid of sugar ants? Good. Let us begin with controlling a sugar ant infestation and then move on to killing sugar ants.

Sugar ant control is very much a matter of daily routine during the months when sugar ants are a problem (November through to March), particularly in the kitchen. Below is a list of things you can do to control sugar ants and prevent a sugar ant infestation in your home.

  1. If you want to control sugar ants, you need to keep your kitchen sink clean and dry.
  2. Wipe down kitchen counter tops with bleach each night to get rid of sugar ants.
  3. Sweep and mop your kitchen floor with bleach every night during the summer to control sugar ants.
  4. Use strong garbage bags and take the trash out regularly to avoid sugar ant infestations.
  5. These tips actually apply for all types of pests in the household.


Although individuals may use screens to exclude and coils or aerosols to kill or repel adult mosquitos , any serious attempt at mosquito control must involve some disruption of larval feeding habitats. The non-chemical method of prevention and control concists of disruption of breeding sites which can do much to reduce a mosquito problem. The things you can do around your home or business are as follows: preventing water accumulations which may occur in rubbish (e.g. tin cans, old tyres) and also blocked roof gutters. You should realy regularly clean your gutters anyway. Simply, Where possible, water accumulations should be drained or avoided. For heavy infestations simply call us the experts. Larval control has the most emphasis because result for effort and dollar is far greater.


Of the almost 4000 species of cockroaches that exist, only about 6 species have become serious pests of homes and industry in Australia. Being nocturnal creatures,  they become more active after dusk or after human activity has ceased for the night. Cockroaches that roam kitchens while occupants are asleep may be residents of the kitchen (hiding by day in cracks and crevices, warm motors of appliances and so on) or itinerant visitors arriving from grease traps, subfloor areas or drainage/sewage networks. Numerous studies have been conducted to investigate the incidence of disease contamination of cochroaches. Salmonella, Staphylococcus to mention some. You do not want that for your family, please take it seriously, pests do not belong in your home or business. Call Pesta La Vista to arrange a pest management plan for your home or business.


Today I would like to tell you about a customer who approached me for my help, as she did have a rodent problem in her laundry. A tiny little house mouse has made her washing machine to its nesting place. Now the story goes actually that Mrs. Customer had to call an electric technician, because her washing machine was not working. The technician upon inspecting sighted the mouse and the damage it had caused to the main board of the machine and gnawed on several cables. Now, if Mrs Customer had noticed the mouse earlier and had called a professional pest management technician earlier, she would have saved herself $850 for the technicians repairs and weeks without the inconvenience of a washing machine. Now here is the reason why the mouse had gnawed on the cables and the main board; Rodents have to gnaw as their teeth are ever growing and these mammalians need to grind them constantly so that their jaws would not loc
k. So if you ever experience any gnawing noise in your home or notice any droppings than call PEST’A LA VISTA and we will make sure of a pest free home for you again.

Suburban chicken coop

Simple things you can do to prevent Rodent activity around your suburban chicken coop. Don’t feed your chickens by throwing grain and scraps on the ground, that leads to Rodent activity, have it in a large container with a larger side wall and remove after feeding from the coop, especially at night.

South East Asia Tsunami

May all tsunami and earthquake victims in South East Asia rest in peace, the world grieves for the loved ones left behind. By the way folks, it is pest season again, all common pests are foraging, your home and business will be attacked. Pest solutions are available for Residential and Commercial properties.

Hello Brisbane!

My name is Jay and I will be sharing my experience and day to day memories of pest management with you.

I will also be providing you with useful ideas and tips to protect your home and business clean from red back spiders , spiders , ants , black ants , cockroaches , fleas , bees & wasps,  stored food pests,  rodents , mosquitoes,  house flies, silverfish , carpet beetles,  clothes moths , bed bugs and  book lice. Stay tuned!