New Pest Season 2012/13

House infesting ants

There are a few species of small brown ants that commonly invade
homes. These house-infesting ants include odorous house ant
Argentine ant and pharaoh ant and a few others. These small
ants are difficult for homeowners to tell apart but fortunately exact identification is not necessary for
effective control. The good news is household nuisance ants generally do not
cause damage and pose no particular health risk.

All ants live in colonies dominated by an egg-laying queen and
worker ants (females) forage outside the colony for food. Typically, ants are
attracted to a variety of food types including carbohydrates (sugars), proteins
(meats), fats and oils. Colonies, or “nests”, are located in protected places in
walls, under floors, under cabinets, and such and individual colonies can be
quite large with thousands of ants.

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