PEST’A LA VISTA specialises in :

Termite treatments

Termite chemical barrier and

termite physical barrier installations.



A very high percentage of homes in Australia are attacked by termites and

they cause more damage than floods or fire.

Only a qualified and certified inspector can carry out a pre-purchase timber pest inspection or

a termite inspection to report on termite and borer activity as well as fungal decay and conditions

conducive to future termite infestations. The best advice and professional service

to the Australian Standard 3660 certification will deliver peace of mind from termite pests.

The Australian standard recommends a Visual Termite Inspection and Report (VTIR)

that should be performed at least once every 12 months, and more often if conditions conducive

to termite attack are present recommended by a professional pest control technician.

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* If you you have noticed Termite mudding's/workings or a nest within your property boundary, don't disturb it, call the pest professionals

at Pesta La Vista.

* Clean your gutters regularly. Fix leaking taps and pipes. Clear foliage away from structure.


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