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Do you have ants?

Ants should not be confused with termites sometimes called white ants. This serious pest to buildings requires a completely different approach when it comes to identification and treatment methods

There are many different species of ants, some are found within the home while others are more likely to be discovered around the outside of a property or on the ground.

Some are predators and some are scavengers. Its scavengers that have most successfully exploited people’s dwellings and are more generally considered pests within the home.

Signs of ants

  • Trails – ants will follow set trails to food sources and return to the nest with their spoils to feed the colony.
  • Trash/shelter tubes – often ants form a soft web like casing  consisting of dead ants/insects, nesting material or earth.
  • Nesting – ants generally nest in concealed areas of the home and are rarely discovered. Ants that live outside are far more likely to be discovered in or leading to a nest.

Why should ants be controlled?

Ants are mostly considered a nuisance pest in and around homes and workplaces however ants can carry organisms that cause disease to humans. Foraging ants can spoil stored food and some are capable of delivering a nasty bite or sting.

Ants can breed rapidly and have proven to be adaptive and successful. A quick response is essential to prevent ants making the occupants of your home or workplace uncomfortable.

Correct identification of the ants at your premises is an important part of implementing an effective eradication and control program for the removal of this pest.

By using PEST'A LA VISTA you can be rest assured that all of our Ant Control Brisbane treatments methods are Safe and most of all effective.

Ant treatment & control methods

Your safety is our priority we only use products tested and approved for use in the home. Prior to any treatment being carried out we will provide you with specific advice in regard to preparation and access details.

After an initial inspection by our qualified technicians a treatment plan is put in place to achieve the best possible management of the infestation

If the ant nest can be found direct treatment /destruction of the colony is possible. Ant baits can be applied to feeding areas to treat a colony indirectly. Dusts and sprays can be applied safely to intercept foraging ants.

Ants are one of the least harmful but most prolific pests. Finding the right solution depends on identifying the type of ant that's causing the problem. See a few ants? Assume there are more.

Ants live in colonies, and it almost always takes an expert to track them to their source and eliminate the threat.

PEST'A LA VISTA has years of experience helping Brisbane families and businesses stay pest and ant-free.