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Other Pests

Rats & Rodents

Think you may have rodents? There are three species of rats and mice considered as urban pests in Australia.

These are the Norway rat, Roof rat and House mouse.

The common signs of rodent infestation

  • Droppings – size varies greatly from mice to rat species and are generally banana shape.
  • Rubmarks – greasy/dirt marks around areas where rodents gain access or harbour, deposited from the rodents fur.
  • Gnawings – chew marks to timber, wiring, conduits, gyprock and plastics.
  • Noises – one of the first things people notice with a rodent infestation is sounds from the roof space generally at night . These include scratching, squealling, gnawing and clawing.
  • Odour – rodents have a distinct pungent odour .
  • Nests – usually made of straw, rags or paper and in concealed areas such as the roof space and subfloor.

Why should rodents be controlled?

Rodents destroy property and can cause fires due to gnawing electrical wiring. Historically rodents have been the carriers and transmitters of deadly disease and disease organisms, bacteria responsible for serious human disease.

Rodents can breed rapidly and have proven to be adaptive and successful. A quick response is essential to prevent rodents putting the occupants of your home or workplace at risk.

Correct identification of the Rodents at your premises is an important part of implementing an effective eradication and control program for the removal of this pest.

By using PEST'A LA VISTA  you can be rest assured that our Rat Control Brisbane team will assure you that our pest control and treatment methods are safe and most of all


Rodent treatment methods

Your safety is our priority we only use products tested and approved for use in the home. Prior to any treatment being carried out we will provide you with specific advice in regard to preparation and access details.

After an initial inspection by our qualified technicians a treatment plan is put in place to achieve the best possible management of the infestation.

Rodent baits are placed in a safe secure area where rodents are active or harboraging. Bait is secured within a rodent station and monitored for feeding . Depending on the size of the infestation additional treatments may be required.

When it comes to rat and mice control, our goal is to deliver long term results. We rodent proof your home by locating the entry points and properly sealing them off to ensure these pests do not return.

With years of experience in dealing with rats & mice, we understand their habits and have developed an effective approach to eliminate them.

Rodents invade millions of homes each year and can spread infectious diseases. They are intelligent, highly adaptable and reproduce quickly.

No one wants to live with rats but once they're in your home they can be very difficult to get rid of. Call PEST'A LA VISTA to schedule your free inspection, it is the first step to correcting your problem.