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Australian Sugar Ant

Elimination of ants is never an easy proposition, despite their simple nature. Sugar ants are a little easier to manage and they are probably the most simple-minded ant species. What do they eat? They eat sugar, sweets, and other scraps of food. This is why we call them sugar ants.

Of course, the term sugar ant is actually a misnomer. The real Sugar Ant is a native of the Australian continent, and exclusive to this part of the world. So, are you ready to get rid of sugar ants? Good. Let us begin with controlling a sugar ant infestation and then move on to killing sugar ants.

Sugar ant control is very much a matter of daily routine during the months when sugar ants are a problem (November through to March), particularly in the kitchen. Below is a list of things you can do to control sugar ants and prevent a sugar ant infestation in your home.

  1. If you want to control sugar ants, you need to keep your kitchen sink clean and dry.
  2. Wipe down kitchen counter tops with bleach each night to get rid of sugar ants.
  3. Sweep and mop your kitchen floor with bleach every night during the summer to control sugar ants.
  4. Use strong garbage bags and take the trash out regularly to avoid sugar ant infestations.
  5. These tips actually apply for all types of pests in the household.

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