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Today I would like to tell you about a customer who approached me for my help, as she did have a rodent problem in her laundry. A tiny little house mouse had made her washing machine its nesting place.

Now the story goes actually that Mrs. Customer had to call an electrical technician, because her washing machine was not working. The technician, upon inspecting, sighted the mouse and the damage it had caused to the main board of the machine and gnawed on several cables.

Now, if Mrs Customer had noticed the mouse earlier and had called a professional pest management technician earlier, she would have saved herself $850 for the technician's repairs and weeks without the inconvenience of a washing machine.

The reason the mouse had gnawed on the cables and the main board is that rodents have to gnaw as their teeth are ever growing and these mammalians need to grind them constantly so that their jaws do not lock up.

So if you ever experience any gnawing noise in your home or notice any droppings, call PEST’A LA VISTA and we will make sure of a pest free home for you again.

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