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Dealing with Wasps

Wasps play an important part of the ecosystem – they feed on insects such as caterpillars, flies and crickets. The downside is that wasps can pack a nasty sting when threatened.

At best, this creates an annoying itching and burning sensation; at worst, a severe allergic reaction can set in. This can lead to problems with respiration and faintness. In any event, you only find out about the allergy if you are stung so it is best to get rid of wasps altogether.

Generally, of course, wasps will not attack unless provoked. The problem is that we may provoke them quite inadvertently. Your kiddies may quite innocently swat at them and this may provoke a hostile response.

It is better to get wasps out of the way completely.

Dealing with a wasp sting

Treatment of a wasp sting is largely symptomatic. Make sure to scrape off the sting – squeezing it will push more toxins into the blood. Watch for signs of anaphylactic shock. If the victim starts wheezing or swelling, s/he must get to a hospital or doctor immediately.

Should the person not have an allergic reaction, you can apply an ice cube to reduce the inflammation and deaden the sting. After that, apply an anti-histamine cream to reduce itching. Scratching the sting should be discouraged as this can lead to infection.

Getting rid of wasps


If you are only trying to get rid of one or two wasps, a wasp spray should be sufficient. You don’t need to get too close but do make sure that the wasp is resting rather than flying.

Make sure to aim properly and try to make sure that the area is well-ventilated. Once the wasp is dead, get the air flow going to get rid of any remaining fumes.


Traps are more appropriate when there is a greater problem with wasps. Put them in areas that wasps are likely to be attracted to. These are basically like mouse traps for wasps.

They work in one of two ways – by trapping the wasp or by poisoning it. You should really only use these if the wasps are coming into your house and creating a nuisance.

Getting rid of a wasp nest

This is probably best left to an expert in pest control. You would have to wear a special protective suit to make sure that there is no way that wasps can penetrate it.

The best time to tackle a wasp’s nest is at night when they are less active. Make sure not to shine a light directly into the nest because you risk waking the wasps.

Of course, if you don’t want to be all bundled up and stumbling around in the dark, Pest’a La Vista can send a team out to deal with the problem for you.

Pest’a La Vista will take care of any wasp nests quickly and efficiently and will dispose of the debris for you.

For wasp control the easy way, simply call 1300 406 945.

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