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Sub Terranean Termites

Why termites are so dangerous

Commonly called ‘white ants’, termites are actually more closely related to cockroaches. But they are a much more destructive pest.

There are hundreds of species of termites in Australia, most of which pose no threat to houses and other buildings. But the few species that can cause trouble are responsible for more damage to houses each year than fires, floods or storms.

Steel frames are not immune

Even steel-framed houses are not immune from termite attack. The termites can still get in and destroy wooden roof trusses, furniture and wood trim such as architraves. Some species of timber are resistant to termites, but none is entirely ‘termite-proof’.

Feeding habits

Termites live on cellulose, which is found in all plant material. Not all termites eat wood, but those that do can come to your home looking for food. They travel through the ground from a nest that may be hundreds of metres away, then they build mud tunnels into your house. They can squeeze through cracks the thickness of a piece of paper.

Don’t wait until it’s too late

Homeowners don’t usually know termites are there until substantial damage has been done. They can eat anything made from wood inside the home and even gyprock and plasterboard walls, often leaving just a paper-thin layer of paint. Unfortunately, by this time they are right through the home, no matter how it is constructed.

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